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Water Cooled Leads

For further information on Water Cooled Leads, contact us at sales@glowtestertechnologies.com

Water Cooled Leads

All water cooled leads are constructed for long continuous service.  The heavy internal conductor and durable outer cover, make these leads suitable for any production area.  The WL38 lead is suitable for use as a conductor for smaller power supplies, that require internal flex leads.  

All leads are available in custom lengths, with custom connections.

WL32 Water Cooled Lead (600 Amp Capacity)
Part Number 430-24–2xx

Suitable for use on units up to 50 Kw 10Khz.  Lead comes standard with 1/4" fpt connector on each end.

WL35 Water Cooled Lead (150 Amp Capacity)
Part Number 430-24–5xx

Suitable for Power Oscillators up to 15Kw 250 Khz.  Lead comes standard with 1/8” fpt connector at each end.

WL38 Water Cooled Lead (75 Amp Capacity)
Part Number 430-24–7xx

Suitable for casting machines and lower power induction supplies.  Leads are made custom to customer requirements.

Key Benefits

6”          11

6.5”       12

7”          13

7.5”       14

8”          15

8.5”       16

9”          17

9.5”       18

10”        19


Part Number Table

Length   xx         Length   xx

1”          01

1.5”       02

2”          03

2.5”       04

3”          05

3.5”       06

4”          07

4.5”       08

5”          09

5.5”       10

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