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Induction Power Supplies

ECCOHeat Easy Melt

.5Kw - 2Kw - 20-40Khz

Induction Power Supplies

ECCO has a full line of induction power supplies to meet your heating requirements.  All units are fully customizable for your particular applications.  Our engineers can design a system specifically for your application.  Contact our offices to discuss your particular needs.

For further information on Induction Power Supply products, contact us at

ECCOHeat “S” Series

1.2Kw - 5Kw - 50-250Khz

ECCOHeat “M” Series

5Kw - 30Kw - 30-400Khz

Click here for ECCOHeat “M” Series brochure

ECCOHeat “L” Series

50Kw - 120Kw - 10-150Khz

Click here for ECCOHeat “L” Series brochure

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