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For further information on Crucibles and Crucible Assemblies, contact us at sales@glowtestertechnologies.com

Crucibles and Crucible Assemblies

ECCO can provide crucibles for many melting applications.  We stock many crucibles for casting machine applications in the Dental and Jewelry industry.  We also manufacture double wall crucible assemblies for furnace melting.  Custom pieces are available as well.

We Carry crucibles suitable for the following Induction Dental casting machines: ECCO, Austenal, Howmedica, Bego, Linn, Galloni, Manfredi, Saed, Erscem, Krupp, Castomat, Vitallium, Heraeus, Dentaurum, Sato, Seit, Ugin.

The following are Torch unit crucibles: Degussa, Kerr, Minicast, Bego, Krupp, Manfredi, Saed, Buffalo, Nobilium Reitel, Emmevi.

P175 Platinum Crucible

P155 Platinum Crucible

P195 2lb SS Crucible

SAED Manfredi

Bego Nautilus

Bego Fomax

Reitel Induret

P185GL Gold Crucible



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