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Glowtester Technologies, Inc.

Vacuum Induction Furnaces and Power Supplies

Ideal for laboratory or small lot production.

ECCO also has a full line of Induction Heating Power Supplies.

All our equipment is manufactured in the United States.

Vacuum Induction Furnace

Welcome to ECCO High Frequency

Welcome to the new Glowtester Technologies, Inc. Ecco High Frequency website. Ecco has been manufacturing reliable dental casting equipment for over 75 years.  All our equipment is made in the USA from our New Jersey manufacturing factory.

You’ll never wait for parts to arrive from overseas.  When you call us, you’ll speak directly to the designers and the actual technicians who built your equipment.

At Ecco, we understand that time is money.  We don’t expect you to wait days on end for parts or service. Our technicians are right here in the USA, and overnight shipping keeps you on schedule no matter what the issue.

At Glowtester Technologies we specialize in designing and manufacturing custom machines.  We work with our customers to determine their individual requirements, then design a system based on their expectations.  Once our customer agrees that our custom design will work for them, we move to the manufacturing stage of the production.  We design, build and manufacture all our machines in our Wayne, New Jersey factory.  

As you browse through our website feel free to contact us with any questions you have about any of our products.  If you have a custom requirement, contact us as well and we will gladly sit with you to discuss your individual design requirement.

Custom Designed Systems
Founded in 1937
Custom Designs are our Specialty